Plug and play remote monitoring and control of machines and appliances

The 5 minute, 3-step process. First, plug in your machine. Second, connect to wi-fi. Lastly, control and monitor the machine

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If only your machines could talk

They could tell you it was time for maintenance, or that you need to scramble your field service A-Team for a preemptive repair because failure was imminent. You’d be the hero of the story… if only your machines could talk.

Do your machines operate off-the-grid, cut off from the connected world, keeping operating and analytical data trapped inside your machines? The kind of critical information that could give you a competitive advantage.

But how do you get this data into the cloud without a complete product redesign and a team of network engineers and software programmers?

Think about your equipment scattered in the field. We’re talking:

  • Commercial kitchen appliances like fryers, slushy makers and espresso machines
  • Industrial equipment like motors, pumps, lifting equipment and machine tools
  • Medical and healthcare equipment like EKG machines, autoclaves and patient monitors

Now ponder this: There is a new way to get operational and analytical data from commercial appliances and devices of all kinds by simply plugging it into a special AC power cord.

Commercial kitchen appliances like fryers, slushy makers and espresso machines
Industrial equipment like motors, pumps, lifting equipment and machine tools
Medical and healthcare equipment like EKG machines, autoclaves and patient monitors

Introducing the Smart Power Cord

Smart Power Cord is a new, all-in-one secure, plug & play Industrial IoT (IIoT) solution that’s ready to go, complete with a cloud-based application where you monitor and control an unlimited number of remote devices. Retrofit any machine with this turnkey device. It takes only five minutes to provision and it’s easy to use, requiring little training or special skills. And at $129.95, the price can’t be beat, especially when you add in the expense and time of finding, hiring, and retaining a development team.

Consider the possibilities

Reduce maintenance costs by preventing downtime and fixing failures
Manage inventory for in-demand times and long replenishment lead times
Ensure the safety of equipment operators and maintenance providers
Keep employees productive and customers satisfied

All this and more, with no lost time or money wasted on in-house development

With Smart Power Cord, you gain:

Real-time monitoring

Monitor power, voltage and consumption data in real-time for an overview of equipment health.

Identify customer usage

High-resolution power signatures let you identify customer usage and, in some cases, early product failure.

Predictive & routine maintenance

On / Off cycle counts and powered-on time for the attached load to let you accurately determine routine cleaning, filter change and lubrication, as well as predict unscheduled maintenance.

Remotely monitor and control power

Shut-off a machine when not needed or in response to user-defined events like temperature variances and excessive load time.

User-defined alerts

Get user-defined SMS or email alerts for:

  • Under or over current consumption
  • Under voltage
  • Low power factor
  • Over temperature
  • Excessive load time

Local control of power

Attached devices can be turned on or off quickly by the local controller based on user defined rules for:

  • Under or over current consumption
  • Under voltage
  • Low power factor
  • Over temperature
  • Excessive load time

Consider the possibilities

If you’re just getting your feet wet with Industrial IoT, the Smart Cord is your on-ramp to the cloud. Before you invest in your own in-house development, use the Smart Cord as a cost-effective option to demonstrate the functionality of your cloud-enabled machine or appliance to your customers. Put it into service to verify what can be achieved while capturing real customer data. Get the proof you need.

Beta testing

Let’s say you’re beta testing a new frozen beverage machine, like the Spaceman 6455H dual flavor countertop frozen beverage machine. Use the Smart Power Cable to get real-time data to learn about:

  • How many milkshakes are made?
  • Which size is the most popular?
  • How often is the unit cleaned?
  • How often the low mix indicator light and alarm triggered?
  • Uptime vs. downtime.
  • Determine the best predictive maintenance schedule based on usage.

All without sending a field service technician or product manager to gather the data.

Custom versions for OEMs

Your needs may require a growth path that requires custom hardware development — an important strength of ours. Consider just a few of the companies who have partnered with us.

Measuring just 82mm x 32mm, the internal brain of the Smart Cable allows OEMs to integrate the “smarts” of the Smart Power Cable inside their machines or appliances. Additionally:

  • Plugs and receptacles can be customized to fit your application
  • 15A, 20A and 30A versions are available
  • Options for getting data to other mission-critical software applications like APIs (Application Programming Interface)

Our experienced team of networking, connectivity, industrial automation/PLC, chip development and software development experts are ready to assist you

What are you waiting for?

Smart Power Cord is a new remote monitoring solution, so we’re looking for equipment manufacturers and users with the right circumstances to gain the advantages we have to offer.

Smart Power Cord Remote Monitoring System Specifications — Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Hardware specs

Input Voltage 100-240VAC
Input / Output Current Up to 20A
Enclosure IP65
Color Black
Temperature Rating 0 to 45°C Button, -40 to +85°C Electronics
Humidity 0 to 90% non-condensing
Power Consumption 1.5 watts
Dimensions L x W x H
Body only: 127.71 mm x 42.90 mm x 16.23 mm
Body only: 5.028” x 1.689” x 0.639”
Weight 62.4g, 2.2oz

Connectors and Cord

Each end (plug, connector) of the cord can be customized per requirements.
Cord is 3 conductor 12 AWG wire.

There are 3 standard models:

  1. 15/20 AMP 6 foot 120 VAC extension cord
  2. 15/20 AMP 6 foot 120 VAC computer cord
  3. 15/20 AMP 6 foot 120 VAC 3 bare wire cord


  • Manual on/off control
  • Also used for configuration
  • Button can be locked out


  • Power
  • Network Status

Internal Power Supply

Built-in with World-wide approvals

Network Interfaces

  • Wi-Fi (802.11bg)
  • BLE (optional: as a secondary wireless channel)
  • 4G M1 Cellular (2021 planned)


  • UL, cUL, FCC, IC, CE, RoHS
  • UL Certification UL60730-1 Part 1

Software features

  • Cloud-based machine monitoring and management
  • Webpage interface to Data
  • Easy connection to Internet Soft AP
  • Over the Air Updates (OTA)

Hardware features

Encryption using Microchip ATECC608A

  • Cryptographic coprocessor with secure hardware-based key storage

32 bit processor

  • Main processor with integrated Wi-Fi, BLE
  • Soft AP and client station Wi-Fi

High precision power monitoring

  • Voltage, Current measurement within 1%

Local storage of total runtime usage

  • Flash storage for local configuration

Cord lengths can be custom

  • Standard cord length is 6 feet (custom length available)
  • 120 VAC plugs, 15/20 Amp
  • 240 VAC plugs, 15/20 Amp
  • IEC, NEMA standards
  • Different cords and wire gauges are available